Day 185: On the Rarity of Mutual Need

via Ibai Acevedo

For the past month, I’ve been reading Catherine’s blog. It definitely has helped me and has made me see the other side of the situation I’m in. On one of her posts, she shared a passage she got from another blog.. I have to say, I fell in love with this passage, and would like to share it with you guys.

I believed in her right from the first night I met her, in May, in a small café under the chestnut trees. Beautiful and romantic. Only she never fell in love with me. I was desperately in love with her. It’s a strange thing, how you can love somebody, how you can be all eaten up inside with needing them–and they simply don’t need you. That’s all there is to it, and neither of you can do anything about it. And they’ll be the same way with someone else, and someone else will be the same way about you and it goes on and on–this desperate need–and only once in a rare million do the same two people need each other.”–The Small Rain, by Madeleine L’Engle

Here’s wishing a great weekend for everyone. 🙂