Day 248: My Love Affair with Blogging

Before anything else, I’ve added a new page! It will focus on the trips I’ve gone on for the past year, and maybe the years to follow too. Please check out the trips page, and hopefully it can help you when you do want to go and visit the places I’ve been to!:)


Pen and Paper
Traditional Writing: Pen and Paper via

I’ve racked my brain and heart in finding the right inspiration for my next post here on 365. I know there are so many topics I could blog about, but to find a certain topic that I am ready and would love to write about is a bit difficult. As many of you know, I write every other two weeks or so. I find that blogging or writing for me can be a bit of a struggle. I am an aspiring blogger/writer/whatever you call it, but I am not one of those talented writers/bloggers that can write/blog about anything under the sun with just a snap of a finger. Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and Jane Austen; I am definitely not.

I do envy them somehow, and wish I could be more like that.

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Day 165: Music was my refuge.♥

Love for music means trying out to be a DJ?:))

Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness. ~Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

What would I do if I didn’t have my trusty collection of songs that I have fallen in love with in my 25 years of existence?

I would probably be the same, but less exciting and a lot more boring. 🙂

I was always attached to my iPod during college, even when I took the boards, trust assured I would have it with me. It was still alive this old thing that had gone through the highs and lows that I experienced in life until I started working for Marie France. Due to someone’s sticky fingers, I lost my most treasured companion. I was very sad to lose Derby (yes, it had a name). It felt as if I lost a relationship with my best friend. Aside from my most treasured songs, there were pictures in there as well that I could just look through and be reminded of the people I love. Due to the stress of my work then, I couldn’t help but just shrug it off and just go on.

I made do with having a small playlist on my phone, listening to the radio during odd hours, or just playing with my laptop. It wasn’t really the same, but it compensated for losing Derby. It’s good though that during those times I didn’t really have anything to be sad about. I was on a high basically, so what if Derby wasn’t there? I was with the man who I loved at that time, and didn’t really need to listen to songs or find about new ones as well. Downhill.

I’ve learned that in a relationship, one shouldn’t let go of what they loved to do. I lost myself in that relationship, trying to be the best girlfriend to someone… I didn’t sing as much as before, and changed into someone I no longer know. I stopped going to OPM gigs, stopped listening to the radio and stopped updating my songs. I did encounter songs that he liked, which I eventually did like, but it wasn’t the same. Sadly, I only discovered this now.

Music has always been my companion for anything, and everything. Ever since I was young I’ve always been surrounded with songs of love, happiness, family, anger and etc. Thinking about it, it’s because of Music that I learned one of the things I won’t stop doing, and that is to sing. I don’t really remember a time where my Dad wasn’t singing, or my mom was listening to the radio. If no one was singing, it was most probably because, my dad decided to play classical music on the radio.

Jologs Fan Girl Moment with Louie Ocampo.. One of the best Philippine composers and arrangers.♥

Growing up was easier because for everything that I went through the greatest songwriters in this world had a song that accompanied me through it. It was like a rebuttal of each trivial thing that life gives you.

Before we broke up, he gave me an iPod as a Christmas gift. I was over the moon with happiness, because aside from the games I would get to play (yes, I’m a gamer), I was given the chance to rebuild my collection again. At the start it was hard, I didn’t have a backup of my old collection, and had to basically try to remember every song and genre that I loved. Lesson in life, one should always have backups! So at the start, it was the newest pop, hiphop, some Pearl Jam and house music. We eventually broke up (duh), and even if I loved that iPod, I had to get rid of it. Weirdly enough, there were so many memories created with that, and I had to let go of it.

I’ve upgraded the iPod to an iPhone, and it has been so much easier. Do I have a name for it? Not yet. 🙂

It is such a relief now to listen to the things that I like and that I no longer have to remember things I’d rather forget. I also get to create new memories which make things even better. Each month since, I’ve added new and old songs… from 0 GB it has now reached 13 GB–just on music alone. Whenever I feel sad, I allow myself to hear the songs that give me empowerment and lift me up. I still let myself hear sad songs, because I think it makes me stronger to accept things. Methinks, it’s better to face it openly than avoid it altogether.

A couple of friends of mine have debated about which decade brought the best music in our lifetime, for some it was the 80’s, while others strongly believe that it was 90’s; although, for the younger ones, it’s all about the songs produced during 200-2011. For me, I would say it was the 90’s.. but in the end it doesn’t matter. Just like ourselves, music evolves. If it were a tree, there would be so many differences that you’d see it in its trunk, leaves, and roots. It adapts to the world now.

What’s my current playlist now? There’s a lot of it but I’ll put in the most played songs I have:

  1. Erika David- Fall for your type
  2. Imogen Heap- Speeding Cars
  3. Anberlin- Inevitable
  4. Sonique- It Feels So Good (Breakbeat Edit)
  5. Barbara Streisand- What Kind of Fool
  6. Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera- Moves Like Jagger
  7. Bobby Valentino- Anonymous
  8. Amy Kuney- Hope A Little Harder
  9. Empire of the Sun- Walking on A Dream
  10. Goo Goo Dolls- Slide
  11. India Arie- Heart of The Matter
  12. Madonna- Miles Away
  13. Pitbull, Ne-yo & Afrojack- Give Me Everything
  14. Kings of Leon- Sex On Fire
  15. Lloyd- Cupid
  16. The Smiths- Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I want
  17. Alanis Morissette- You Learn
  18. Bamboo- Much Has Been Said
  19. The Out of Body Special- Give It
  20. Daft Punk- Something About Us

I’m thankful for this time because I’m able to fall in love with one of my first loves again. I get to rekindle my relationship with a long, lost friend. I fell in love with you ever since I was born. I’m never letting you go again. ♥

Without music life would be a mistake. ~Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche