Day 248: My Love Affair with Blogging

Before anything else, I’ve added a new page! It will focus on the trips I’ve gone on for the past year, and maybe the years to follow too. Please check out the trips page, and hopefully it can help you when you do want to go and visit the places I’ve been to!:)


Pen and Paper
Traditional Writing: Pen and Paper via

I’ve racked my brain and heart in finding the right inspiration for my next post here on 365. I know there are so many topics I could blog about, but to find a certain topic that I am ready and would love to write about is a bit difficult. As many of you know, I write every other two weeks or so. I find that blogging or writing for me can be a bit of a struggle. I am an aspiring blogger/writer/whatever you call it, but I am not one of those talented writers/bloggers that can write/blog about anything under the sun with just a snap of a finger. Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and Jane Austen; I am definitely not.

I do envy them somehow, and wish I could be more like that.

Blogging in General

Writing has been a small hobby of mine. When I was younger, I used to write poems when I was in the mood for it. As for blogging, I have done it for quite some time. It started out as a hobby in high school due to my love affair with creating and designing websites. It started out with posts of what I would do everyday… To be honest, I cringe when I read my posts of before. It clearly showed my immaturity and how much I view life. There were some outstanding posts that still make me doubt if it really was me who wrote it,but they’re really just a few. Due to the hustle and bustle of life, I stopped blogging. Even if I missed it so much and tried to blog again, it would just not work out at all.

So now I’m reunited again with blogging, and who knew that I just had to get my heart-broken for me to start?

How Blogging Helps Me Heal


For those who follow or are subscribed or who just silently read 365, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! It definitely took a lot of guts to start this blog, and you guys know how I’ve struggled in blogging about this journey. I tell you, it’s not an easy feat to share your emotions publicly. I do so, because this is therapeutic for me.

I have to thank Catherine for her recent post for inspiring me yet again. That woman is such an inspiration for others who have gone through heart aches, separation of a partner and so much more.

I’ve had a couple of friends, family members, and strangers who disagree with my choice to blog about something so personal. I do understand that they feel that way because of their concern for me. I am thankful for their love and concern; but at this point, I have to find my way on how I could heal. 365 is and was one of the things that has helped me heal.

This blog has helped me tremendously. I believe that it has changed me in being smarter about life in general.

I am a heart over mind person most of the time. It shows with how my friends, most often than not, approach me with their problems about love or emotions. Even with the ex, who is extremely logical about everything, admits that I provide the emotional part in our relationship. But then again, too much of something can be a bad thing. Due to the many occasions that I’ve gone ahead with what my heart feels, before listening to what my mind has to say, I almost always find myself in dire situations. Yes, it can be associated with my impulsive trait. But see, it’s still my emotions that make me impulsive.

365 has helped me so much that if it were still the old me now, I would have jumped on a particular bandwagon I’ve talked about for Day 231. I haven’t changed 180 degrees mind you, but for the most part, I’m handling my affairs better than before. I admit that there is a lot more that I need to work on, but I will not let anything stand in the way. Pathetic as it may seem, I view this blog as one of my best friends. It’s a bit of a, “Dear Diary” complex, I know. But seriously, I am not embarrassed to admit that something seen as juvenile can be extremely helpful in these situations.

I’ve managed to surprise myself continuously with how I could never seem to let this blog go. I know at some point, I would have to re-haul this blog once the actual 365 days is over, but I know that I will make sure that I will still be active with it. Corny as it sounds, this is one of the things that completes me and makes me a full circle.

This blog, isn’t just for me. This is dedicated to all those who have had their heart-broken, lost their beliefs in love and everything else that life has to offer. Never give up. It’s an over-used line that things will be better eventually; the truth is, it really will be. It’s the journey that’s hard to get through, but it is definitely worth it. You end up loving yourself more; plus, you’ll start choosing and doing what’s right for you. If writing isn’t for your cup of tea, do what you can to stay afloat and above water. There are so many things you can do out there. The most important thing is, and I’ll say it again, never give up. Don’t give up on you. People come and go, at the end of the day, it’s just yourself that you have to face to. Meditate on how you want to view yourself. Take it step by step, and sooner or later, you’ll be doing bigger and better things that you thought you never could. If it gets tough, just try to always believe in yourself. Lastly, if it gets too difficult handling things by yourself, never hesitate to ask your loved ones for help.

 The numerous support that I’ve received from this blog and the people around me has made me believe in a better tomorrow. I hope you all do as well. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day 248: My Love Affair with Blogging

  1. Yes, it’s good to blog about every and anything. However, I do believe it should be from your heart, and not for show. You’re on the right tract because every word is from your heart. I enjoy reading your work and one day look forward to your book.

    1. Thanks Shauna for supporting this blog!:) Thanks for your kind words! I do try to always make sure that each post I do is not superficial at all and has tons of my feelings showing in each word, sentence or paragraph. It is difficult though to pour all that emotion out.. 🙂 I get inspiration from the many blogs, like yours, that I follow. 🙂 I’m amazed by the talent out there!

      As for a book, I’m not even sure I could do something like that! haha. Thank you though, and I hope you continue to visit 365 in the future. 🙂

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