Day 198: On Living Alone.

The Philippines is one of the many countries wherein you’ll find grown adults living with their parents. It’s no surprise when even married folk could and would still live with their parents, siblings and other family members. We, Filipinos, are proud of the fact that we have close family ties.

However, as time moves on, people start going through changes. Many Filipino young adults now have started living alone and on their own. Honestly, it takes a lot of courage to go through this. There are some who live on their own and still rely on their parents. Whereas some, solely rely on their hard earnings and savings.

My Mom's side of the Family

When I decided to move out of my aunt’s house, I was still with the ex then. We were doing great at that time, and he even helped me with the essentials. We cleaned up the place, placed everything in their perspective places.. and when I would need help, I’d usually wait for him to arrive.  Everything that was needed to be done was divided into two. He, being the man, had the luck of doing everything that was heavy and required lots of work and muscle. I, of course, did the dainty things and didn’t really worry about it.

When he left, I had to get used to not having a man around. When I needed help with heavy things, I’d just leave it be and find another way on how I could get through it. I was very sad with how things were. Not only did I feel so weak, but of all times when I hated men, I realized how much I needed them. You can only cry so much and let yourself be down… Enough is enough.

For the past months, I’ve started doing things on my own. My room looks totally different from how the ex and I, moved things in. I was able to move my bed and the tv stand all by myself. I’ve cooked and baked up a storm with my friend Mylor. I’m now thinking of repainting my walls to a different color, and possibly adding other stuff to my house.

Looking back, I know that I’m in a really different place now. When I started living alone, I had him to rely on and run to which changed when we broke up. Now, I just have myself and it feels so much better. It definitely feels good to be more independent!

To be honest, it gets lonely sometimes with how quiet it could be around me, and I wish that I could just call like before and he would be there with me. It was definitely difficult when the breakup was still new, but,  I’ve learned to embrace the solitude and have learned to appreciate it and make it work with my situation now. A midst the busy world we are in, a little isolation isn’t too bad.

4 thoughts on “Day 198: On Living Alone.

  1. Hey Margxs! Nice blog here. Somehow reading it makes me feel that someone understands how I feel. The nice thing about independence is that one discovers the plesure of doing things without relying on the assistance of others; not that one does not need it of course. Independence is an acquired taste that everyone wants to drink but not everyone can swallow on the first pass. You learn to budget your money better. You start to define savings as an expense rather than what’s left. Learning to make do and make time. All the while experiencing a sense of joy in simple things that we tend to overlook everyday.

    Friends make independence a welcome challenge as it allows you the breathing space you may need when you feel alone and stir crazy at times. Family provides a comforting thought that if push comes to shove you have someone to rely on. Although work becomes a dire necessity and you start to feel the pinch if everything goes up by a peso, at least you know that you will survive anything because friends and family is always at your side.

    1. Hi dear! Thanks!

      You definitely hit a lot of points on that comment of yours. 🙂 Independence is something I’ve always sought after–and as one of my friends, you knew that. 🙂 I definitely cannot give it up! It just gets a little lonely, and somehow this whole moving on has affected it as well. 🙂 I’m glad you’re always there! You know that I’m always here for you too 🙂 Thanks for commenting!!!!:D

      1. No probs Margxs!

        I guess living alone here in Singapore helped me understand the costs and benefits of independence. I would like to do this in Manila if at all possible. At least friends are just a Starbucks away. That’s something I would like to have and a bit more I guess. Well, life’s like that to some people. Enjoy the moment and find every bit of happiness wherever it may be found.

      2. I’m extremely proud of the things that you’ve achieved in such a short time, dear! Staying in Singapore for almost a year or even more is already a feat for you! 🙂 You have always been strong and determined in reaching your goals and achieving your dreams! I say, keep it up soldier!:) We miss you, truly! However, we know there’s a bigger goal at hand, and we’ll continue to support you no matter what happens!:) We love you! See you on Sunday!

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