Day 141: Letter to myself.

Dear You,

How long it has been since we’ve last talked. I must say, you’re now 27, and a young woman at that. I last talked to you when you were still 14… Still a girl, but verging on womanhood. You were still experiencing the angst of being a teenager then. I remember you being worried about moving back to the Philippines, and everything that would come along with it. At the time, the things you worried about then were so big, that all you’d do is cry inside. How would you fit in? How would it be living with your Aunt and cousins? How would it be living so far away from your parents and your brother? Who would be there for your brother?

But look at you now, you have survived. You’re 14 years older, have learned and gone through so much. You were able to fit in, and find a good set of friends. You had your ups and downs with your family, but now they’re people you can’t live without. You were able to manage being away from your parents, and your brother… albeit it’s not the perfect relationship. Your brother was able to be the man that he is now.

So where are you now? Yes, I know, you’re going through a rough patch in your life. But hey, you’ve gone through worse, right? I’ve heard you ask yourself, a million times, why you would need to get to know yourself again? You already know yourself, right? Wrong. Life is forever changing, and you, are just a tiny part of that. You weren’t born with a ready set of ideals, attitude and character. You grew into that based on the people around you. Now, think of it as growing up again. It’s a pain, but it’s a must. You must become the woman, God has intended you to be.

Heart-breaks are the norm in an adult’s life… Hopeless romanticism it would be, but there is someone intended for you. Don’t rush, enjoy the gift of life that you have now. Let your heart heal, and don’t close the doors that He has opened for you. It’s a cliché line, but there is so much that the world has to offer for a young woman such as you. You just have to open your heart to it. Eventually, the right person will come along at the right time.

Stay away from negative situations and thoughts. Open yourself to the positiveness of life. Just like what your friend has said, tell yourself at the start of each day, that you deserve to only have positive outcomes in life. Declare that to the universe. Do not even tell yourself, that it is impossible to happen. Do not even let a negative thought come into your mind. With all of that, you will find each day becoming easier to go through, and you will actually look forward to the coming day. Always remember to pray. You must thank the Lord for every morning and night that He has blessed you to see. You must thank Him for blessing you with a good support group and surrounding you with people who genuinely love you.

But if it gets too hard, and you feel that you have to let your emotions out, then do so. Make sure though that you only do it to a certain degree. Do not prolong it, and do not let it stay in your system. Give yourself a few minutes, after which you must stand up and brush it all off.

I’m proud of who you are now, and who you will be. Look at you, who would’ve thought you’d be where you are now? You live alone, manage your bills on a timely manner, even manage your finances correctly and you make sure that you are always safe with the people around you. Remember, you are now grooming yourself for your future. You must grow and let yourself experience everything that life has to offer. You must let yourself be the best woman who you can be, so that when you have your own family, you will have no regrets. The future you, is dependent upon your present self.

Most importantly, make sure that you always, always, always, offer everything up to Him. He is always there for you, and He will never let you down.

Things will be better, just wait. 🙂



p.s. If it helps, listen and sing along to Alanis sing You Learn. That will also help you get through everything. 🙂



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