Day 88: A second hello. ♥

It’s been a day of surprising things.. heck, not even a day, but a week. I’ve had my share of ups and downs, but the good thing was, the positive overpowered the negative by so much.

I’m actually a bit surprised with all of the positive things that came about. I just remembered my cousin telling me that whenever God closes a door, the roof opens. Of course, we all know that the original saying that it was the window that opened. Excuse the effort of trying to construct a joke. Hehe. I don’t want to start saying that this is the end of that era because I might start eating my words. I’m sincerely hoping that it is. I need to let go of people who don’t know how to treat the people they love, right.

I remembered that I was supposed to backup my Friendster profile, and decided to look around with my testimonials. I super need to put these into justice by posting them here. 🙂

1. Shannel Mariano

— Foxy Gauxy… Her “come-back” to friendster, adding friends, doing her profile and all that, i guess, symbolizes the way she is rebuilding
herself all over again.

Margaux is one of the sweetest things in this crazy world. She always believed in me and Hector. Actually, she even uses the term “SHEX” until now. =)

She’s beautiful and sexy. She fits so well into jeans! She’s one hell of a head turner. She’s so down to earth. You’ll never hear her boast about anything. I know she’s all that, but she doesn’t even know it.

She’s such a happy person. When you’re around her, it’s as if her aura touches you and you end up being happy too. Her happiness is contagious. She’s always there to listen. She may not always be available, but you’d see the effort she puts into being availabe. I find it really sweet. She wasn’t allowed to use the phone when I was pregnant. Even so, she would try her best to call me once a week to
check up on me.

When she falls in love, she loves as if she will never get hurt. And even when she begins to get hurt, she just closes her eyes and continues to love with all her heart. I’ve seen her love and be treated like shit. Actually, I’ve seen her be treated lower than shit. The
whole world pointed out to her the abuse she was openly allowing herself go through. Still, she’d go on loving with all her heart. –A good thing, a bad thing …all I know is that Margaux deserves only the best and nothing less than that.

Margaux allows the people she loves to step all over her and take her for granted. I hate that she allows this. But I guess this is her way to gather strenght. She finds each and every reason to stay. But when she runs out of reasons, she gets over a guy instantly …as if her heart had a switch. When she runs out of reasons, there is no looking back.

I met this wonderful lady back in Highschool. We met when she was in her freshman year. Back then, she was a new student
and all eyes were on her. I was a sophomore. We were with a common friend. I was talking about a problem of mine. Even if she just met me, she listened attentively. Right then and there, I knew that she wasn’t only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. After that was just cashual chit-chats and hi’s because of the common friend that we had. We got close when she was a junior. We didn’t need our common friend anymore to carry on a conversation. We were a trio back then: Me, Chesca and Margaux. It was the 3 of
us against the world …most of all, against our boyfriends, who were all very good friends. It’s very rare that you find 3 men who are very good friends, who each have girlfriends who end up being good friends. It was CHUGSY, SHEX, and NAUX back then. We would always conspire in the “banyo” and end up getting in sooooooooooo much trouble with the boys. It was tough back then, but we, girls, had each other to fall back on. In the morning, we would always meet up in the “banyo” to do our “kikay” stuff, rant about our boys, cry, comfort each other or just talk. Then, we’d go to the veranda or sit by the steps connecting the 2nd floor (where juniors were) and the 3rd floor (were the seniors were). During lunch and recess we’d be in our usual lunch table near shakey’s and samurai. Come dismissal, we’d be hanging out at the “wall”.

Charlie’s Angels came out that time. We always wanted to watch it together. We even changed the lyrics of the song “Independent Women” by Destiny’s Child. The intro part where they go, “Lucy Liu, and my girl Drew. Cameron D. and Destiny. Charlies Angels, come on.” We made it : “Shannely Liu and my girl Gaux (pronounced as “Goo”), Chesca G. and Destiny. Charlies Angels, come on.”
hahahaha… I miss those days…

I miss Margaux so much. She’s one of the people who I am confident to have a friend in even if we don’t talk for a long time. I guess that’s how highschool friends are. I love you so much, Margaux. Take care of yourself.


Hehehe… Whoohoo! You know what I mean!!! Go Foxy Gauxy!!!

2. Jean Paul Gregorio

–margaux..a person you’ll trully cherish like a cherry..cunning and at the same time mild mannered..she’s one happy girl..she likes to dance and frolic around the park..she’s one heck of a heckler! my favorite bus mate!! kahit may muta muta pa kami nagkukulitan agad..mahal nya si britney..britney tyson..hehe!! napaka pacute..buti nlang cute sha ng konti..mga 26.97% hmm…mahal ko tong
dalaginding na ito! she tends to laugh at father centina a silly girl you!! hehe!! loko lang..pag nag mahal to..ay grabe..ibibigay lahat kahit hindi sa kanya..tulad ng lucky socks ng bus driver namin..naughty..haha!! mag iisip pa muna ako ng malungkot na testimonial
para maiyak ka!! iyakin!! hehe!! luv yah!!U

3. Prescilla Gonzales

–margaretha isolde, marchigochi, loudspeaker, subwoofer, boombox, dolby/thx surround sound, microphone, megaphone, lahat lahat na!!! haha joke 🙂 ang babaeng bigla nalang naglaho sa friendster.. weird! seriously, margaux has been one of the few TRUEST REALEST friends that i have.. and kahit anong mangyari idedefend nya talaga yung friends nya.. she has always been there for me sa kalokohan, kadramahan, kabastusan (woops! haha).. kahit na madaldal yan, i dunno kung bakit isa sha sa mga sobrang tinutrust ko pero ewan ko lang kung binubulgar din nya yung mga secrets namin.. haha joke lang 🙂 my GSF babe! my cheerleading and dancing partner!!! my gulay si margaux parang pornstar ang dating pag sumayaw!!! hahaha:) what i admire most about margaux is her strength.. cinderella story yata buhay nya! hehehe.. she’s been through a lot of tough sh*t in life (and lovelife! haha) pero smile parin yan and tuloy parin sa
kadaldalan.. pero pag tahimik yan nako, that means grabe na problema nyan. she seldom gets mad or irritated kahit lagi shang inaasar pero pag naasar sha, patay ka ibig sabhin below the belt ka na talaga 🙂 let’s take it slow so slowww.. hahaha. love na love ako ng babaeng to eh, pero mas love ko sha! i miss you panget!!! grabe sooper tgal na kita di nakikita.. oh well.. i hope to see ya soooooon! mwah!:) O nga pala, SI MARGAUX SOBRANG LAKI NG PAA! :p

4. Michelle Nocon

–hmm…what can i say about margaux that she doesn’t already know? i talk to her everyday at school. =P i remember the first time i met margaux, it was the 2nd day of school and i was hung over and sick as a dog. i didn’t want to shake her hand because i didn’t want to
share whatever virus i had. (you know how anal nursing students can be.) she was so bubbly and awake. it was physics and 7:30 in morning! i thought, “good god! is she always this cheerful?” a few days later, she told me she had a crush on me 1st semester when i was a
pt student. i really thought she was weird then! “joke joke joke!” hahaha! it’s already the middle of the semester and she has not calmed down one bit. every day she is still the sunshine in the dreary classroom. margaux always has a smile for me and cracks me up during class. she listens to my complaints about school (especially mr. frodo), and always laughs at my stupid stories about the latest drama going on in my life. she is one of the nicest, sweetest, kindest, and friendliest people i’ve met in my 2 years in the philippines. wise beyond her years, but still a little girl at heart, margaux is always going to be one of my favorite people. she gets me through every day at school, especially when i don’t want to be there. i’m really going to miss her next school year. beautiful inside and out, but still
doesn’t know how great she really is. margaux is the little sister i always wish i had.

5. Mau Miravite

–read your other testimonials.. grabe.. nakakapangliit.. pero who could blame them sa napakahabang mga testi?? margaux is one of those people na pag hindi mo nakilala, you’re like missing half of your life.. c gaux lang ung tao with the rare combination of sweetness,
kakulitan, ka-hyperan (i mean all the time) yet, still exudes charm and beauty.. kaya nga many guys find her attractive.. add to that her killer smile.. wala na! pero more than these, margaux has been my buddy buong last sem. can’t imagine going through all those stuff (hell..) without her. sobrang cheatmate forever tpos mommy ko pa whenever tatawid papuntang sweet mom’s.. a great listener too.. pag
naiinis na ko sa mga people, she’s there to listen chca stop me sa kung anupaman ung pde kong gawin (hehe..) basta, i’m so lucky having gaux as my friend.. thanks gaux for everything.. miss u! luv u!U

6. Herson

It’s always a good feeling to rekindle a wonderful friendship shared with a wonderful friend. Our friendship started with her accidentally hitting her head inside a taxi cab. It’s funny how from simple silly moments can turn out into something that we’d always look back with fond and warmth. Margaux would be your epitome of what is beautiful inside and out. She’s a positive presence that voids out or
negates the negative complexities i get myself into every now and then. There is so much to love about this person… I heard she just came out of a relationship.. she’s singular again.. and ready to be with someone new.. someone deserving in her own sweet time. I know we have lost touch in ways more than one.. but I know.. and I feel that I have continuously grown in the friendship you’ve given me despite the time and days apart. I have seen colors undefined by science in the homey friendship Margaux has shared with me..
and it’s colors only seen and experienced in the heart of a friend like her.I will FORever love this Girl!

That’s just some of it.. I was supposed to put more, but I ended up falling asleep. There are a lot of things to be thankful right now and I seriously couldn’t ask for more. 🙂

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