Day 7 and 8: Friends and Family are the treasures that I hold dear.

Mama and I
Mama and I

Saturday and Sunday were filled with meetups and hangouts with my friends and family.

I ended up drinking on a Saturday morning with my officemates. I was extremely glad for Cheryl, my friend, to come back to Mozu and drink with me as it was the first Saturday that I had nothing to do at all. From just the two of us, our table grew to 8 people. It was just right to end a stressful work week. There we were, debating about some things, competing with Tiny Wings, and just laughing at mundane, silly things.

I was supposed to go to my friend’s sister’s birthday, but I was so tired and tipsy that I just decided to go home. I ended up sleeping the night off, waking up to the knocking of my friend, Ken. As I had Spam Garlic, I suggested that I could cook, as long as we go out to buy rice, and a couple of things. We ended up watching Red Dragon while eating, but I decided to stop the movie, since Ken decided that he was sleepy again. Ended up watching something else, till I woke up and texted my Aunt that I plan to visit White Plains today.

My aunt picked me up, visited my place, and remarked on how it looks so much like a home now. 🙂

It was kind of fun as I missed my family a lot. We went to White Plains, talked to my lola for a bit and just updated stuff on my aunt’s computer. Funny how I still couldn’t tell my lola about what happened, she loved him oh so much, and it’s kind of hard to just let her know about it. 😦

I got a call from a friend who in his way, and I guess was influenced by another friend as well, about his doubts in my joining the Days With The Lord Retreat. I was extremely disappointed and hurt with his response. Yes, he no longer sees me active in my current church org, but it was no way for him to judge me on my intent to join the said retreat. Hung up the phone on him, and called my other friend, seeking for comfort and reassurance. Couldn’t help but just cry on what was happening, and it felt like, am I not supposed to find other avenues so I could move on and be well again? It was extremely frustrating.

Thank goodness, the friend that I had called and two other friends decided to hang out for dinner and we eventually just laughed it all off. It was by chance that I saw one of my bestfriends while having dinner, and I couldn’t help but be teary-eyed when I told her what had happened. She just gave me so many hugs, and it actually felt better.

I’m grateful for the friends and family that I have. Their outpouring concern. helps me get through each day.

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